Editorial Team

Welcome to the "International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Advanced Applications," a premier platform dedicated to exploring the forefront of technological innovation and its multifaceted applications. Our journal serves as a confluence point for researchers, academics, and industry experts to share their insights and discoveries in the rapidly evolving domains of emerging technologies and advanced applications.

Editorial Board Vision and Mission

The editorial board of our journal is composed of distinguished experts from diverse backgrounds, united by their commitment to advancing knowledge and practical applications in emerging technologies. Our mission is to provide a rigorous, peer-reviewed forum for presenting groundbreaking research, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, and highlighting the societal implications of new technologies.

Commitment to Excellence

The "International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Advanced Applications" is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and scientific rigor. Our editorial board ensures that each submission undergoes a thorough peer-review process, ensuring that only the most innovative and impactful research is published.

We invite researchers and practitioners from around the globe to contribute to our journal, helping to shape the future of technology and its application in society.


Maria Amelia E. Damian, PhD

Associate Editors

Yi Ren,PhD  Shoubin Li ,PhD


Hua Chen, Hongwei Su, Pengfei Pei, Tao Luan,  Weibao zhang