Optimizing Hotel Financial Processes with Blockchain Technology: A Case Study of T Group


  • Jingran Sun Author




Blockchain, Hotel Finance, Process Optimization, Cost-Benefit, Mixed-Methods Research


Blockchain technology, with its decentralized and tamper-proof features, provides new solutions for optimizing enterprise financial processes. This study takes T Group, a leading Chinese hotel group, as an example to explore the application value of blockchain in the hotel finance field. Through a mixed-methods approach combining case analysis and questionnaire survey, we deeply analyze the current state and problems of T Group's financial processes, design blockchain-based solutions, and evaluate their cost-effectiveness and implementation challenges.
The study finds that blockchain solutions can significantly improve financial efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline processes for T Group, but still face obstacles in technological maturity and organizational awareness. The survey shows that management has higher acceptance of blockchain, while poor process status quo is the main driving force. This research aims to provide theoretical guidance and practical references for financial transformation in hotel enterprises, promoting the innovative application of blockchain in traditional service industries.


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